“Slowly” – [55]

While the clouds went away, we both remained speechless.
We have could see two distinct silhouettes that slowly were reuniting themselves in a slow dance.
We had seen in them the two dancing souls. They seemed were making love: a sweet and slow love. We were audience of that reunion of those two souls came from very far. And more they were making love, a more little part of us it was involved.
Slowly, it seemed we were making love with them.
Our breathes becoming always fast and our desire to feel our hands on our bodies was growing. I felt the need to lay me on the bed and you’ve done the same. We both had close the eyes.
We fell in a sort kind of trance.
A soft and light white smoke has enveloped us. Slowly i have open the legs, arching my chest ahead, sweetly i felt your sweet but firm penetration and i’ve held back the breathe till you have started make hips game.
I could feel your lips on my mouth and you could feel the place in which you entered soft, warm and wet and you also could feel when i was holding you back inside me.
Our breaths were always more fast, and we could see each one in the bed with the other, but we were like ghosts.
The two souls were still dancing in the sky, but they were still always more inside us
I have imagined that your white shirt that was caressing my body, while i have held in my hand a flap of the bedsheet and i was about to reach one of the powerful orgasm: long and slow while i could see you above me, naked and inside me who didn’t take off the glance from me, listening to your moans, feeling also, the wetness of my body that welcoming you inside.
Your hips game was about to always become more fast, and we had close the eyes and at that moment we had whispered our names, and we had a jolt: we had heard our voices, as if we were in the same bedroom. We looked at eachother and your silhouette has taken my hands and slowly he lifted them up over my head and in few seconds, as a swollen river, the dancing souls entered in us, and we ha reached the maximum of the pleasure.
We remained breathless with the eyes close, for all the time of the orgasm, while sweetly, we could feel the two souls floating inside us.

The journey of the dancing souls had just ended.”


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