Here you

Again… that sensantion it is growing always more in my stomach and my head is exploding and my thoughts are going to you fast as a train and i feel you close to me, you are looking at me without say nothing, but with your soul, you’re whispering me and i feel your words are chocking me from inside. I feel our eletric shocks come and go to you. My heart is beating so hard and in someways i feel your sensations are the same. I close the eyes and i can see you here in this bedroom and you are staring me. 
Slowly you get up and you spin me and for a long minute our eyes meet. I can feel your soft hand on my face. You are shyly smiling me and you whispering me : “How much beautiful you are”. My heart explode in million of pieces and it arounding us… i can feel you are approach yourself  to me and you lift my face for kiss me.
Our lips touching and slowly we disappearing….


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