“Without realizing” – [54]

We have spent all day, each one, in our apartment, enchanted and scared by those lightning and thunders. Our whispers and sighs had crossed the quartier through the rainstorm and the wind. We were feeling like suspended in the middle of that storm, and we could feel something inside us was growing up. A light was being born from our feets and it was illuminating us like a spotlight and we could feel his warmth like a sweet penetration: you in me and me in you.
Everything around us was floating.
A blow of wind has open my window and the breeze has caressed my body half naked. I was still on the chair This time i hadn’t scare. The light breeze was gentle on my skin and i have left that all this enveloped me
I had know that it was happening also to you. I could feel your breath around me and i had known the reason were the two dancing souls and everything this was making me feel calm, also if my heart was beating like a crazy, but in someways, in his craziness, everything this had a calming power. I had close the eyes and your smile, your glance, your sweet glance it was there, it was staring me, wherever you was. You was looking at me from your apartment.
You was looking at me inside a sort kind of black hole that it was spinning high in the dark sky in the middle of the storm.
You was staring me and i could feel your eyes set on me.
Slowly i’ve opened the eyes and i have stared the sky. I remained paralyzed. As you, i have seen you inside that spinning black hole. We were looking at eachother trough that black hole, amongst rain, thunders and lightnings, and we could feel our souls always more united by something always more magical
I could see you and you could see me.
After realizing that, you have smiled me and i blushed covering my mouth for the wonder.
You have tried to talk to me, but it was useless, i couldn’t hear you, but we both, could hear our hearts beat hard and immediately after you have whispered my name and that it has penetrated me and i have closed the eyes and i had hold back the breath for a second. You have understood that i had heard it. Your whisper was entered me as a soft caress and when slowly i have opened the eyes, throwing away the air from the lungs i have sighed your name too. You has been invested by something that has enveloped you.
While we smiled eachother, our faces in that spinning black hole, slowly were disappearing.
When the black hole is vanished, we both, have whispered again our names, but nothing happened.
We both, remained to stare the sky while the moon has made itself see amongst the clouds.”


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