I’ve tried to

Concetrate me in something eles, but it’s been impossible. More i looked for to think to another thing, more my vise in my stomach was tightning me in a chock feeling and i had to start write here.  I feel you here close to me. Our conection is strong in these minutes. I throwing away the air from lungs and my head is about to exploding. 
Is it like the story i’m writing??
I feeling your hands on my belly and your embrace is enveloping me tight.
Few times it’s happened  at this hour. 
My fingers are shaking on this keyboard and my thoughts are toward strongly to you.
My vise make feel our connection more next than ever.
In someways i know, that you have a little thought for me. I know, i can feel it and our connection is growing.
Tell me something, in your way. 
My head is exploding and my heart is beating hard and i can feel your is beating at unison with mine. 
My soul is looking at you and you are smiling at me. That’s why i’m shaking inside.
I’m throwing away all the air i have in the lungs, but this chock sensation, doesn’t want leave me.
Are you, try say me something?
I’m whispering your name.



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