“It was raining” – [53]

Hard when i got up from the bed and i went in front of the window and a lightning has fallen very close in the quartier and a thunder with it roar has made shake the glasses of the window.
In the sky it was unleashing something never seen before and in everything this i could feel something that it was taking me to you and without realizing i whispered your name, while another lightning fallen on the ground and a thunder has roars in the sky
In his roars, the thunder, has brought my whisper to you and right after you have opened the eyes and you sighed my name and in the sky another lightning and immediately after a thunder
At the same time we were seeing the same sky that it was filling of lightning and thunder…
Without realizing, we were seeing our electric shocks, and we were listening our hearts that were beating at unison.
We were witnessing to the creation of something incredible.
Each one were in front of his window and the light breeze that it was caressing our faces, we had know it were our breaths and what was happening in the sky, was caused of the two dancing souls.
The sky was the stage, and we were the audience of this magical show. At a certain point two lightnings were crossed eachother, like in a dance and from the roars of the thunders they were came out two distinct whispers:”Daria….” – “Luke…..” that mixing one in another and as they came, they went away.
As soon i heard them i closed immediately the window, moving me away from the window. Going back, i have fallen on the chair, holding back the breathe and staring still the sky that it was becoming always more dark, while the lightning and the thunders made themselves seen and heard
On the chair i’ve putted my hand on the belly and slowly i closed the eyes for a long minute and i had thought about you and in a little sigh i’ve whispered again your name, with the hope you could hear me.
It was so. You was still, in front of the window to stare the sky, when you heard that second whisper and something made you spin inside the room in search of me, but what you was feeling was only an essence of me.
You returned to stare the sky and the light breeze was still caressing your body and even you, has sighed my name closing the eyes inhaling new air threw away the old one.
The moon had taken the place of the sun and slowly it was fighting for clear the sky.
While inside us, it entered something of inexplicably magic.”


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