I close the eyes

And i can see you here that you are staring me and my vise in the stomach get bigger and bigger. In someways our minds are get connect and slowly i can perceive your breathe around me and i hold back the oxygen in my lungs i can feel your hands that envelop me from behind. 
My throat is becoming dry and i know it make part of our sweet connection.
I can hear your voice and my soul can decipher your delicate words. My heart is beating hard. 
I feel you spin me and our eyes meet. I biting my lips, with your fingers, you are touching them and you lift my face and slowly you are approach yourself to me and right after our lips are kissing eachother.
Our minds are so close. My fingers are shaking here and you know it. 
I can feel your whispers and together to you i throw away the air from the lungs and our breathes is the oxygen of which we have need. 
I put my hand on your chest and your heart is beating hard. I sighing you: “Mine too”
We are closing the eyes while our embrace is tighning us. 
I moan… 


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