“The clouds” – [52]

Were covering the sky and some thunders were roaring in distance and our hearts were beating hard with them.
Slowly i have opened the eyes with my heart that beating like a crazy and my first thought went to you and i have close again the eyes for take a deep breathe.
It could be the most strange thing i could live in those days, but now, more the days passed by, more that link born for a case with you with a sweet glance, more was growing fast inside in me the certainty that we had to meet in someways, and we were doing it as the universe had decided.
Slowly the rain has started to fall and its perfume has sorrounded everything. I threw away the air from the lungs, but i remained in bed. I turned on the pale light next the bed and for a long minute i have stared it. My mind came and go to you and little electric shocks has pervaded my mind and in someway i could feel that they were linked to you.
I closed the eyes, but the light that i had stared has remained for long in the brain.
I was almost in alterate mental state, as if i was fallen in a black hole and i could relive each moments there, in that bar and the words of Philips were made the background and one of those was resounding more than the others: “I’ve seen how he look at you….”
Softly, as if i could feel your hand on my body, i’ve touched my belly and right after a lightning and thunder has illuminated the room and the roar of the thunder has entered in me, as a sweet warning.
It was as soon morning, but seemed that the dark had taken the place of the day. Outside was still raining and it seemed that was about to unleash something never seen before.
But we both had know that we could face up to the biggest rainstorm, and we would have meet us in that bar even at the cost to share even another silent glance amongst the flames of the candles and perhaps whisper our names in the darkness and see again those two dancing souls.
I had lifted the shirt, i had still the eyes closed and my hand was still touching sweetly like velvet my belly and that menthal state didn’t wanted to leave me. For sure on my belly it was my hand, but in someways, i was sure it was your was guiding mine. I could feel still your soft skin on mine from we had touched and i was in that bubble of emotions that were sweetly enveloping me while your eyes, your smile…your whisper, were linked me to you in an inexplicate way, always more.”


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