I still

Wonder myself how can be soft and sweet our connection: it’s begin with soft punch in the stomach and everything around become sweet and soft and our minds get connect, and you are here and come behind me and softly you are embrace me and read every words i put on the screen and your whispers filling my heart with new oxygen and i feel my head that slowly spinning, till you spin me toward to you and our glances meet and your hand caress my face and i look for to say something but you stop me
Outside is like  my prequel. A thunder has roars and i feel something inside me growing. 
How is it possible everything this? And i feel your presence, your closiness, despite our real distance. 
Could be that what i’m living isn’t just a dream, but something that slowly is become reality. Our eletric shocks are something real and our bond is something we can perceive only us.
Here i can’t hold back my emotions and they are about to explode. 
I can feel your perfume and it’s arounding me.  Another lightning and another thunder.
Maybe, for real, the universe wants say us something, and my story has something real.
Our Parallel World is awaiting for us.
I feel your closiness more stronger than ever and everything around is so surreal. 
What that i must do is close the eyes for a moment…. throwing away the air from the lungs and restart, but it seems impossible. Everything take me back in my story.
Am i writing our story? Our real story? My vise in stomach is chocking me.
I see you here close to me, i feel your closiness and you is staring me. 
Is our connection arrived at this point?  I see you and i feel your hands on my hips. 
Your breathe is entering in me and my heart is beating like a crazy and i know your is beating at unison with mine. 
It’s our connection…. it making us feel breathless, lost. 
Say me something…. kiss me…. tight me…. touch me, i need of all these things… Now…
My head is spinning and my heart is chocking me.



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