“That morning” – [51]

You woke up with me in mind and each thing you was did you was thinking to me.
The sensation i was touching your belly, before you fallen asleep was so real and you was awake up confused. The idea of the two dancing souls, it came to your mind and it was a thought that you wasn’t able to take off it from your head.
Since we had seen them, something it has grown up inside you and you was sure that it was the same for me. And here it was, again, another thought toward me.
You didn’t wanted to think that you was going crazy but more the morning passing by, more the thought of me was hammering your head.
You went downstairs and you got prepare a cup of coffee and you sat on the sofa, staring the bunch of pink stones above the black furniture and only three had caught your attention. You knew what was their meaning. For a long moment you had stared them and again me in your mind.
That bunch of pink stones, were given you from a woman and till that moment you had forgotten her words:”You’ll meet her again”.
Now in your minds there were many thought and images that were mixing one with another, and your head wasn’t able to contain every information were circulating inside you.
You tried to think just to the only person who was making you feel in this way and it has been easy. You have closed the eyes and immediately my smiled has swelled your heart and when you have seen me in your head, you threw away the air from your lungs, then in a flash, there were back in mind the words of Phillip and at that moment, as a train in run, you have relived each silent moment with me, till that soft involuntary touch of hand in which it has happened of everything.
You was still on the sofa, with the coffee that was become cold and almost you had forgotten to have it in hand and as if you was awake up again from a surreal dream, you made fallen a little of coffee on your pajama pants. You have tried to clean the spot with the hand, but you seemed distracted by others thoughts.
Your glance didn’t take off from the bunch of pink stones, above all from those three.”


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