Here it is

Our connection and your question: “Do you feel it?” I can feel my stomach chock and my mind get connect with your and i can feel you embrace envelope me  in a strong way and your whispers makes thrills me. 
Your arms are tighning my belly and slowly you’re spin me. 
Our eyes meet and we hold back the breathe, till our lips touch and we breathe again. Our eletrick shocks are communicating. I can feel my heart is beating at unison with your and something inside of me explode and it make feel crazy cause i know you’re feeling the same despite our distance. 
I can feel your little and soft whispers: they are entering inside of me like a spiral and i close the eyes and the only thing i can do throw away the air from my lungs and in this gesture i feel your hands are tighning more my belly…
Despite you’re so far, how is it possible i feel your closiness. 
i can feel you breathe enter inside me and this make go crazy. 
My vise in stomach is chocking me. 
My fingers are shaking on this keyboard and you know it. 
Our lips are delicately touching. We are kissing us. I feel your hands on my hips, you’re tightining me to you. Your perfume is arounding me. 
It’s incredible how much it’s strong our connection. 
I can feel you’re whispering my name.


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