” I was still in” – [50]

23_forteThe bar, staring the little hole in my table, as if i had hid there my thoughts and i had hid even that one of that evening and when Phillip went back to me, he looked at me in silence, but in that glance, he told me everything, but he told me also: “Take your time. I have something to do before to close” I’ve smiled him back, nodding.
But just only five minutes later i had taken all my stuff and i left him alone, leaving some money on my table and i’ve directed myself toward the second door and i crossed the aisle in a hurry. Something it was growing up inside me and it almost was chocking me.
I was arrived just in time in my little room i ran to open the little window and i threw away all the air that i had in my lungs. I have believed to chock inside my sensations, but when i have opened the window a new and soft feeling has enveloping me.
My heart was exploding once again. Did i have heard your voice again? Or was it a remembrance of your whisper in the bar?? I couldn’t know it. But by now whatever Phillip and you, you had said, it was about me and something it was about to be happened. The light breeze was caressing my face and i have close the eyes for a moment and your sweet smile has swelled my heart.
That night i didn’t come to sleep at my usual hour. I had many thoughts in my head and i someways i wanted to make them live. When i’ve changed myself, i putted in front of the desk and i started to write.
I’ve close even the white curtain of the little window next desk and i’ve turned on the light and i set free my thoughts.
In my mind there were two questions: “Those two dancing souls, who they were? From we had seen them… why our bond has become stronger?”
I knew that to these questions there were none answers and i knew even that i hadn’t to search for them. But in my deep, i knew they were bonded to us.
Suddenly your sweet eyes and your smile has knocking to the door of my head ad i have thrown away the air from my lungs.
I hadn’t realized that i’ve written pages and pages and my hand was hurting me.
I threw back on the backrest of the little chair, closing the eyes. For a long minute i remained so.
Then i got up and i laid on the bed… imaging to caress your chest…
“Luke…” i have sighed fallen me asleep.”


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