“You was returning” – [49]

Toward your apartment with the Phillip’s words that were hammering your head and your heart in your chest was literally going crazy. Phillips had right and that promise it had to be keep.
By now, that step (the real meeting) was knocking at our heart from long time, and we had known it.
When you returned in your apartment, your heart was beating hard and you sat down on the sofa, not even take off your jacket. Slowly you have leaned your back on the backrest and you have closed the eyes, taking a deep breathe.
As a broken record, in your head you could hear the Philip words: “She has witched even me” and in background your question:”Isn’t she beautiful…?” and more you was hearing your question, more that question, it was becoming a certainty and your heart always swelled more of that feeling that you had believe to feel no more.
You have opened the eyes and you have inhaled new air and you have threw away the old one.
You got up and slowly you have taken off the jacket, laying it on the stool of the kitchen and slowly you have taken a look to the apartment: there were still two boxes to throw away.
Looking around, your heart has starting to beat hard and for a moment your head has began to spin.
You have had to sit on the first stair that leaded in your bedroom upstairs. Like in a spiral, your thoughts are gone to me and you have whispered my name and in your head you have heard my soft sigh rumbling in your head. Throwing away again the air from the mouth, you got up and you have reached the bedroom and you laid on the mattress staring the roof, while in your head, me, i was looking at you caressing your chest.
While slowly you was about to close the eyes, you have sighed again my name with more passion and you have could feel something inside that was growing from the stomach till arrived in the throat and suddenly the words of your grandma were went in your head, and they have made you feel like they were chocking the heart: “She will have the magic inside…” and you breathe has become short.
This sensation has made you got up and you have sat on board of the bed. You had to understand what was really going on.
In a flash, you have seen the two dancing souls and my face was mixing with them.
It was a sensation that, in someways, you didn’t understand but in other one, it was the only that it was makes you feel in peace. You went next to the window of the bedroom and you have opened a piece.
The air was entering and softly has caressed your face. Unconsciously you have closed the eyes and you have sighed my name again.”


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