“We looked at us” – [48]

As, if we were aware about what was happening it was our fault.
By now there were no more excuse for don’t present us one with another. We could feel our hearts beat hard and now each thunder falling was our thud at our heart that duging in our souls.
Me at my table could hear each breathe you took in that noisy bar and you could feel my beat of my heart.
In the bar the others people were background. Everything was going slowly, while in our minds everything was going fast, above all in mine, that i thought to lose the contact with everything sorrounded me and i felt like invested by something bigger than me. I’ve leaned my back on the backrest of the circular bench and for a second i closed the eyes. You was looking at me, as if you knew what i was feeling, because it was that one you were giving to me and it was that one what i were giving to you.
We were in that bar full of persons, but it was like we were alone. Another lightning another thunder, and we had felt the same scent in the air and right after, the light went away.
Few instants in the darkness and i heard your voice calling my name in a soft whisper: “…Daria…” and in a sigh i replied you back: “..Luke…”. Then the lights has turned on again.
In these few seconds when i heard your voice, something inside has chocked me and when i meet your glance that it was looking at me, my eyes got wet of tears.
If it wasn’t for my physical problems i would have run to you immediately and i would stay in your arms for all the rest of the evening and you knew it better than me.
Another lightning and another thunder but this time a little distant. We looked at us holding back the breathe but this time the light had held up.
Maybe in our deep, we would have wanted that light went away for call us once again, but by now, the rainstorm slowly was going away and that perfume that still we were feeling, it was the scent of the two dancing souls that we had seen through the flames of the candles, the previous night. We could feel it only us. It was sweet and sensual scent. And more we’re looking at us, more it was increasing itself.
That day was born slowly and it was dying fast and the closing time of the bar was about to arrive and the clientele was leaving the bar one by one, while we were still, to stare us.
It seemed that nobody and nothing could touch us, instead the only who has been able to break the magical atmosphere, has been Philip who with a big sigh and pat on your shoulder whispered you: “Sorry …. i have to close” and while he has accompanied you at the exit, has whispered you:” but you must promise me one thing: tomorrow you will go to her and will talk to her…” and you have spin yourself toward me and you have smiled me sighing, as if you wanted to absorb every shade of me of that moment and you have looked at Phillip and you have whispered him: “Isn’t she beautiful?? She has something magical…” Philip nodded, and he has sighed: “She has witched, even me..” and now you both were looking at me. In that second i wanted hide myself in my little hole in the table. I knew you were talking about me, but when Phillip has given you a pat on your shoulder you have thanked him while you was looking for see me and our glances hadn’t any problems to meet again.”


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