I can feel you

ed0npgfxoaeboed_scuri-2Ask me: “Do you feel it?” I stare you and i sigh you:”Yes i feel it, it’s so close” and i feel you’re next to me and slowly you’re enveloping me with your embrace. You are tightning me strong and i spin myself and our eyes meet. We remain breathless. Delicately and sofltly our souls are touching always more and our hearts are beating hard and we are able to perceive everything this despite we are so far, our connection is that one that make us feel so unite, that one it make us feel chock in something more bigger than us. That one is Our Parallel World and it’s the most great world we had created together. Our eletirc shocks make us communicate one with another and now we are doing it: our hearts are beating  stronger than ever.
I feel your whispers and they make me shaking. My fingers are shaking on this keyboard and i throwing away the air from the lungs while from our distance, you are embrace me and you are staring me with your eyes in which i can loose myself and i can see in them your wonderful soul.
We are looking at eachother, while everything is turning around and that chock sensation is linking us always more.
In a sigh i say you: “Let’s remain so….” and you are embrace me always more tight. A kiss softly touch my lips. I close my eyes and a whisper take the flight: “I love you…”


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