From last night

I feel your closeness in a strong way. After what i seen my heart is beating like a crazy, and i don’t think it’s just coicidence. My head is exploding and we know what i’m talking about. Our connection is always around us. If i close my eyes i can feel you around me and i know you are able to feel what i’m feel, cause in someways you feel it too.
That chockin sensation it is tightining our stomachs and the only thing we can do is throw away the air from the lungs, hoping that is pass by. But we know ain’t so. 
I feel you’re staring at me. I’m biting my lips. I feeling your hands enveloping my belly so delicately and i feel my shirt against your chest, but what i feel more are your eyes on me and you know, that in this way my heart will explode in million of pieces.
It was long time that it didn’t happen that just after i had wrote that… 
Maybe you know me better than other persons and that’s we making us going crazy and connect easier.
I can feel still your hands caressing my belly and it make me drive crazy. 
You are don’t say anything, but with just your touch i can feel each your words and our eletric shocks are increasing. I must take a deep breathe and throw away the air. 
I’m short of breathe and you are about to kiss me: the only way to breathe again are your lips on mine.


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