“I was still” – [46]

In front of the window, sat on the chair, with the eyes close, leaving warming me by sunlight.
The voices of the plumber and Phillips almost, cradled me in this state in which i was.
Unconsciously, i touched my belly thinking about you and i was awoken up when i heard the voice of Phillip say goodbye to the plumber, adding even: “You have saved me…” leaving that phrase in suspension.
When i have open the eyes, a ray of the sun has blinded me for a moment. My skin was warm and when i heard that phrase of Phillip, i have understood that everything were been fixed and my thoughts were gone to you and in a whisper i called your name.
When i got up from the chair, Phillip was still outside from the bar, and he was looking at around. By now, it was a habit for him, lift his head toward my window and check if i was awake. He had knew it when the window was open and that morning he even seen me through it. We had salute eachother with a hand nod and immediately my heart has starts to beat like a crazy and i had to sit down again on the little chair. I was about going crazy. The idea that you have wouldn’t come it was hammering my head and i threw away all the air from the lungs till i remained breathless. I’ve held back the oxygen till something inside was chocking me, then i’ve threw away it and i’ve started to breathe again.
Slowly i got up, i went in the bathroom and i have washed me.
My heart didn’t want stop to beat like a pneumatic hammer.
I stared me for a moment in the tarnished mirror, but what which i was seeing, it wasn’t my face, but your who was smiling me. I have cleaned it and i’ve seen more clearly. Two eyes who were staring me, and they saying me to get calm. I replied :”Ain’t easy” and i went in the bedroom, that it was even all my apartment and i’ve putted myself a pant a long sleeve t-shirt and the most comfortable shoes i had.
I had close the window, leaving a chink of air and i’ve left the room.
That day it was presenting itself, as the brightest day, but from far some grey clouds were about to ruin it again.
That morning the bar had open later and i was the first to enter.
Phillip has welcoming me coming to me and in a whisper he told me: “I’ve made it…” and i knew that he didn’t talk about the pipes and the water loss.
Gently he accompanied me to the table and when i sat down on the bench i’ve looked at him a bit disoriented, and he asked me:” What’s wrong honey?” I’ve smiled him then in a sigh: “If he doesn’t come?” While he sat down in front of me, he took my both hands, and he told me: “I noticed the way he looks at you….girl, you have witched him. I know he will come…”
I looked at him with a little smile then he went away asking me: “The usual?” – “Yes the usual…. thanks Phillip…” in that thanks Phillips understood what i wanted mean say, and he moved his hand as for say: “Leave it”.
Thinking to the Phillip words, i have started to stare the green stool and i started to smile and even a bit to blush.
Phillip has comeback with a tray with a cup of coffee, some croissants and a glass of mineral water. He noticed that i was blushing and smiling alone. He smiled me and the when he was about to leave me he told me: “He is not the only to been witched…. he has witched even you…”
I blushed even more then i smiled him, biting my lips.”


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