“In the sky” – [45]

Slowly the clouds going away and the sun it was taking again the place of king of the day and it was warming and drying everything and in someways, it was warming our hearts and our little voices inside us, were saying us that we had reached a point of our lives very important, in which we had to make a decision. A decision that, by now, we had to do.
By now, our glances, smiles and little approaches weren’t anymore enough, and in someways, we, already know it, till the first dream we have done together.
That was one of many signals we have had.
We were, each one, still in our own apartment and our hearts were beating so hard. We had heard our voices calling our names in a blow of wind and it had made us feel as if a truck had invested us.
I got up slowly from the bed and i sat in the little chair in front of the little window and i have close the eyes, inhaling the air and throwing it away several times, as if i was breathless.
You was staring the latest box, hoping it may disappear under your eyes, like the magician makes disappear the rabbit in his hat and you had wanted running to me as soon as possible, but it wasn’t easy as you had would wanted to imagine. Even you had inhaled and threw away the air from the lungs and you have started to pull out all the stuff from the boxes and you have set it a little here a little there.
You was thinking to the last smile we had shared the previous evening and your heart was filling of something you had never felt before and in a sigh you have whispered my name again and saying my name you have took a look at your apartment and once again you sat on the sofa, while the phone rang. You had let voice mail answer. It was Josh. You have got up the receiver and “Hey what happened?” asked Josh.
To this question it was so hard to give a valid answer so you have had just mumbling. Josh wanted only invite you to go with him and the guys at a “new local”. Josh has described it as the coolest local in the city. You have only mumbled. Your head was in another place and sincerely you hadn’t any desire to see Josh and the guys.
You wanted to stay in your apartment to feeling what you was feeling. “Give me the address, i will look for to come”, but you knew that you wouldn’t go, also Josh.
After that call you have would take off the phone line and you would have put away the phone inside one of the latest box.
You didn’t know what think: you was dazed, confused, strangely scrambled and your head was projecting toward that bar devoid of attractive. But inside there was the only person who had something really that could leave you breathless. Me.”


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