“When that morning” – [44]

We had opened the eyes, me in my little room and you in your apartment, it was like as if each of us could see what are making the other through our minds.
The rainstorm was passed by, but it had left us something inside that we couldn’t explain us.
You was looking at me while i sat on the board of the bed while i was looking around as if that room didn’t belong to me anymore. Me i was looking at you while you was drinking some coffee in the kitchen.
More the hours passing by, we could feel, that there was a thin thread that it strengthening itself and something it was saying us that it was bonded to the two dancing souls that we had seen in the bar and then when we… well, we were united in that spiritual act of love of few hours earlier.
Maybe it was time to make that step that we had waited for since we had shared that first glance. But who would have made it? And above all the issues in the bar were been fixed?
That question was had faded into background.
Our eyes were merging one in another, also if we were in different places, but we could feel, everything so vividly and in someways it was scaring us, but at the same time, it was enchanting us.
I have threw away all the air from the lungs and i opened the window. I have could hear Phillip and another person who were fiddling with some pipes and i could hear the other person give him some orders, like: “Turn on!…… No! Turn off it!” I stayed in front of the window for a long minute attending to this scene, while now the sunlight was warming my skin.
I would have wait for a while. I had no hurry. I laid on the bed once again, while your eyes were piercing the soul. They were the most beautiful thing i had ever seen and now they were speaking to me in a twist of emotions that floating in my stomach and in my head and slowly everything got back. I could feel, even, your perfume. Shyly, i was smiling.
In you apartment, you had decided to do delay no more your work with the latest boxes and you rolled up your sleeves. You have thought: “If ever i invite Daria, here it must be everything perfect…” You stopped when in your mind has resounded my name and you have repeated it saying it slowly and aloud. DARIA…
You threw on the couch, breathless. You have repeated it once again and your call has reached me, who i was still on the bed with the eyes closed. Right after i have opened them whispering your name. LUKE…
Somewhere in universe, something was happening.”


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