Here it is

Our chock sensation that is strungling our stomach anmd our heads are beginning to spin. We close the eyes and around us it become muffled and light. We are in Our Parallel World. 
I feel your closiness here in this my bedroom and i can feel you are approaching to me and delicately you are enveloping your arms around my belly. Slowly i close the eyes and i starting to shake. Soflty i touch your arms and i feel your breathe enter in me, but this chock sensation is pervading us.
Delicately you are saying me: “I’m shaking even i”. I hold back the breathe and your arms tightening me so. 
I spin toward you and i dive in your glance, putting my hands on your chest, making it sliding it trough in your shirt.
We looking at us without say nothing. There is no need. Just our lips has need to touch and with a soft touch, we kissing. 
Despite our distance, we can feel our lips touch. We remain breatheless. 
We can’t swallow, we remain so.
Everything around is floating, also our minds.
Our connection is eveyrthing this. 
I throwing away all the air not necessary to breathe and i feel your arms are tightening my belly and i close the eyes. 
Your closiness is strong and i feel you here and your embrace is one the most sweet thing i have ever need in this moment and you are embracing me. I close the eyes holding my breathe.


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