“When our glances” – [43]

Meet for the last time that evening, we were screaming in silence, our desire to go away together, also under the rain: getting wet together, but each of us were going back home go through different streets.
We were going home, but we have had feeling we were reaching together something special.
I was reaching my devoid colour room thought that dark aisle and a feeling was rising up inside.
You was walking through the sidewalk got completely wet, but even you as me, you was washing yourself from all the old things and you was entering in a new mental state and you could feel in every thunder in the sky an electric shock got inside you and everytime you was feeling it, my face was returning in your mind.
You entered in your apartment completely wet. You went upstairs and you took off your clothes and you was entered immediately in the shower. You have slid the warm water on your body and you have close the eyes and the only face that you was seeing was mine.
You stayed in the shower for long time: you was looking for to think to something else, but your mind was full of my smiles and that two dancing souls through the lights of the candles.
You came out from the shower enveloping your hips with a big towel and you have laid on the bed.

You have close the eyes and…

I as soon, entered in my little room and i didn’t have, not even, turn on the light next desk. There was no need: the bar sign illuminate the room, also if that night came and go.
The rain still falling hard and some thunder roaring hard.
I went in the bathroom for wash my face and i have put on the t-shirt for sleep. I laid in bed.

I have close the eyes and…

Unconsciously (…or not…) slowly, i have opened my legs, biting my lips and i had felt you was penetrating me. In your bed, in total darkness, you had started to touch yourself whispering name a couple of times and, as for magic, when both of us has opened the eyes we were uniting us in a spiritual act of love, while outside was still raining and the lightening and the thunders were making of background of each of our moaning.
While above us, also the two dancing souls, were uniting strongly more.
They were disappeared in a cloud of white smoke when we had reached the orgasm.
When we were taking again to breathe we have whispered our names at unison, and we had heard our voices and another thunder has roar and from that we have feeling something was being born again inside us.
In my room, imagining your white shirt in my hands, i’ve tighted the bedsheets.
In your bedroom you have still whispered my name and you have close the eyes.
Slowly we fallen asleep.”




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