I feel your

Eyes on me and they doesn’t take off from me. I feel your breathe around me, and our connection is making bigger than usual. That chocking feeling is growing inside of me. 
I feel you are enveeloping me with your embrace.  I’m smiling, closing the eyes holding your hands around my belly. “You’re my princess witch” you’re whispering. 
Our souls are merging one in another.
I can feel your hands on my hips and we feel our minds getting connect always more faster. Our eletric shocks are always more present and they making spin our heads and we can feel our souls are softly touching. 
I’m sure you can feel everything this inside you as i’m doing now.
I throwing away the air outside of me. I close the eyes while you are tightening my hips and our hearts are beating at unison and our eletric shocks come and go trough our minds.
We are feeling us.


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