“The rain” – [42]

Was falling hard and outside the local the thunder and the lightening were creating an almost surreal atmosphere and in someways we had knew we were the creators.
The only faces that were illuminating by the lights of the candles, were ours: the others were just only shadows who walking and the only breathes they could be heard, were ours that were breathing at unison.
The lights of the candles dancing on our faces, revealing to us what had felt and seen: those two dancing souls. We had seen the same: two souls who were reuniting through our little touch of hands and that thunderstorm seemed the creation of a new world.
In our glances, now there was just the desire to approach us one another, but none still hadn’t the courage to make the first move.
We had pass the evening, in that noisy and crowded bar, not even smile us.
We stared us seriously, without asking ourselves stupid questions, because we had know that everything was happening around us, already, it was a drawing of a force greater than us.
Amongst the noises of the bar the other person who noticed this serious sharing of glances, has been Phillip, who was realized that was happening something of important, but he didn’t know what was.
For us, he was another dark shadow who walking in the dark local illuminated by just few candles scattered in the big room.
We could feel our the beat of our hearts chocking us and our heads spinning like a spinning top.
For a while i had need to take off my gaze from you, but i knew that you was still looking at me. I have closed the eyes and i have throw back in the backrest, inhaling all the air as i could, trying to think to another things, but it was impossible, knowing that you was there at few meters to me.
I was choking from the thought that also that night, we had done the same dream and that thunderstorm it wasn’t created by mother nature, but by something bigger.
When i reopened the eyes, you was still there, aware what was happening in my mind, while your eyes were piercing my soul.
Unconsciously i touched my belly and you have let make slide your hand into the white shirt.
We both have bite our lips, as if we wanted kiss us and how much we would wanted to do it…
We were in another dream, but this time, we were living it there, together.
We were feeling something that it was transporting us in another place…
In meanwhile the thunderstorm didn’t wanted got calm and others lightening mixing with great roars surrounded the quartier ad more that roars got bigger and bigger, inside us was being born a little dot of a new awareness still unknown to us.
Everything was exploding around and inside us.
We could have feel as a thin thread wanted delicately to tie us up always more.
We were looking at eachother as if we were lost one in the soul of the other and that thunderstorm had wanted to take us away.
We were been awakening from that strange atmosphere by the voice of Phillip who, in the middle of the local, was saying aloud: “Sorry we have to close. We having some troubles with eletricity and some water has entered in the kitchen. I must ask the clientele to go out”.
Phillip have looked at me and with a little nod he told me that i have could leave the local with all calm, using the service door.
You have looked at me sighing. Phillip has come to you and you have asked him something, leaving the money on the counter. I was looking at you with my heart was exploding. I didn’t know if the next day in the local everything would be fixed and if it would be the possibility to enter.
Outside was still raining and you have left the bar remaining outside a bit to look inside to stare me.
You got wet, but it seemed you didn’t care. I looked at you putting my fingers on my mouth encouraging you to go away. You have wouldn’t, but to the end you went away.
I was about to pay Phillip, but he stopped me: “He has paid for you” I remained breathless looking at Phillip. He sighed: “I will do the best i can… now go girl!”
I knew what he did mean.”


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