Despite what

Has happened, i feeling your closiness more stronger than ever and it seems you are asking me: “Do you feel it too?”. Sure i feel it and i feel your glance on me and slowly you are come behind me and our breathes started to merge one in another. I feel your embrace and i just hold back the breathe till your spin me and our eyes dive one in another. 
I have difficultiy to swallow and i know you’re think of me, even a bit.
My emotions are to explode and they are chocking me and you know it.
Our connection is getting stronger than ever, we know it… we feeling us close. Our souls are touching delicately and we can feel their voices speaking and we shaking and we feeling our eletric shocks go trough our minds.
What we can do is just throw away the air from the lungs and close the eyes, while we tightening our hands and we dive us one in the eyes of another while delicately we are approach one another and softly we can feel the touch of our lips that are kissing our souls.
We are looking at us and despite we are far one with another, we are feeling our closiness closer than before and we feeling that in someways, it chocking us.
Another kiss, another glance another deep breathe and our connection is greater than anything else We can hear also our breathes. They are merging one in another.
Our lips are touching once again. We close our eyes.


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