“What i felt” – [41]

It’s been stronger. It shocked me. I had the stomach still upside down and i was thinking to remain in my room. I would have called Phillip to warn him that morning i would remain in the room, but then i had thought it was better to distract me and wait for that glass door was open and see you enter.
That thought made me go on and get prepare myself and come out from that devoid colors room. My stomach still was closed and that sense of nausea pervaded me the throat.
While i crossed the long aisle to reach the elevator i had thought to those sensations i had felt: as two souls who had found themselves again and i had strongly thought to our involuntary touch of hands. It was from that touch that i have begin to feel strange: as if that two souls had waited for from long time that little touch.
My head was starting to pulsing and a strange warmth was entering inside in my body, but above all in my mind.
That morning i have preferred to walk, breathe new air, also if that day wasn’t one of the better. Some raindrops were falling and i hadn’t taken the umbrella. But i didn’t care.
For some reasons i was feeling that raindrops were washing me from something i wasn’t able to take off from long time and walking toward the Phillip’s bar it was as if i take off from an old and dusty dress and i was walking straight to a new path of my life.
Some people watched me along the short travel to reach the bar: somebody knew me, somebody not, but they had seen the same thing. A little aura around me and they remained stunned.
I stopped for a while in front of the entrance of the Phillip’s bar and i lifted the face to the sky, while it was starting to rain. Something inside me, was chocking the stomach and it was about to explode. I started to cry. The raindrops were mixing with my tears and when i entered, nobody hadn’t noticed that i was crying, not even Phillip while i went to sit at my table. But when i settled on the circular bench, he did come to me, and he asked : “How are you today, honey?” I smiled him back and i whisper i replied him: “Never been better Phillip” and without preamble he went away, already knowing what i would have ordered.
By now i just was waiting for you and my heart was beating hard.
Now it was enough a glance for understand what we were feeling, and surely it was strong.
The rain was falling hard that day and occasionally the light in the local went out, and i have could hear Philip give some directions to the staff members, and he had brought me some candles in the case of necessity i thanked him, and he told me :” If you have need of something else, just call me, ok?” I nodded.

The bar was a full of people who were in search of some refuge.
Looking at outside i have thought you wouldn’t come. It was raining enough hard in that instant
Another lightning another thunder and the local fallen again in the darkness, while the glass door was opening.
My corner was the darkest: i loved it so, but also being the most dark, i had needed some light for illuminate the table and its little hole. I was thikering with some matches, when i had felt something rising inside. When i was able to turn on the candles, my heart has jumped in the brain and i remained to stare two eyes that were looking at me, already from a while, smiling.
You arrived. Right after, as for magic, all the people in the bar were fading and delicately around us, the environment has become muffled and without moving you was came for embrace me. Inside me is born a vortex that was collecting all the emotions that i had felt till now.
It was incredible what i was able to feel when you was close to me, also without you ever have spoken, but maybe we had shared one of the biggest and marvellous touch that the whole universe had felt. And in that soft light, in our sweet glances, we had knew, also this time, it was happened something real important in our lives.
Something came from the past and now it has been reunited.
Together, we had throw away all the air from the lungs.
Now, we could be sure that something stronger than our awareness, wanted to unite us.”


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