It’s been

Hard to work, while our connection was growing in my stomach. I felt you close to me. You was looking at me. Now you are approaching yourself and now you are delicately enveloping my belly with your arms. I throwing away the air from the lungs and i whisper you: “How i missed you yesterday” and you know what i’m talking about.
Now our connection is stronger. I know you can feel: my head is exploding and that chocking sensation in the stomach is growing. That’s our beautiful connection. 
My fingers, almost shaking on this keyboard: no! They are really shaking.
I’m biting my lips and you are spinning me. I can feel your perfume around me.
Our gaze meeting and here, i’m shaking. 
I whisper you: “How much i feel you close to me”. My heart is beating so strong and i know it’s the same also for you, despite our real distance. But that’s doesn’t care. 
Our souls are touching one another and our emotions are the most wonderful we can feel.
We are here and now and we are speaking trough what we are feeling and now we are touching us trough our hearts, our souls. We are shaking and that’s our connection.
We are whispering sweet words that only our hearts can decipher…. that’s why we are shaking. 
I close my eyes and i see you in front of me. You’re caressing my face. I remain breathless.
Your lips delicately kissing mine. 


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