“You got up” – [40]

From the bed a little timorous to feel still your head spinning. What you was feeling inside was a mix of emotions and sensations that were merging one in another.
You had taken a look outside the window behind you. The sky was cloudy and it was seemed it was about to rain. The breeze was entering softly in the bedroom trough the white curtains from the open window. For a moment you have stared it, as if it was speaking to you, but you have don’t understand what it was saying you. You remained still a second without move yourself, then you went in the bathroom and there you placed in front of the mirror and for a long minute, that seemed lasting an eternity, you have looked you and in that minute just one question was hammering your head and more you was leaving that this question hammer your head, your thought was toward me.
At the end you have made it come out and in a whisper, looking at you, in that mirror, as if it could give you an answer: “Will she felt the same sensation?” and you looked at that mirror waiting for an answer that it wouldn’t be ever arrived.
You had dreamt the same that i did and one image was well printed in your mind: our minds that were merging eachother and if you closed the eyes you could feel also our bodies twisting one in another like a dance of two snakes in love and feel our minds were exploding at the same time and were recomposing just right after and that chocking sensation in the stomach that was rising till the throat
You have shook your head you ran way from the bathroom. You couldn’t remain in this state. In someway, you had know i was feeling the same: it was saying you that little voice inside, but now you had to shake you for real. You remained on the landing for a second: downstairs the boxes still to open. Slowly you went downstair, throwing away the air and you have started to unboxing the first box and you have begun to pull out everything.
You have looked for to settle every thing in every right corner of the apartment.
When you have took a break from all that mess, you have sat down on the couch and you had stared the little table in front of you. There was still the blocnote your grandma and immediately her words has resounded in your head like a little bell and you had thought: “Who knows what she is doing now?” and after stared the blocnote, you got up again and you have started again to tinkering with boxes.
You wanted to settle the stuff as soon as possible. You had know that i was waiting for you in that bar.
While you was settling the last things, in your head was thinking how you would have approached you to me.”


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