I’m sure

You are feeling the same that im feeling right now. That sensation that rising up inside to reach the profound of our souls and our minds get connect till  that we feel our bodies touch. You behind me and your back  with you shirt touch my back and you eveloping me my belly with your embrace and the only thing i can do is close the eyes and i hold back the breathe till you spin me and our eyes meet and i throw away the air from the lungs, looking at your eyes and i feel your hand tightening mine, making it slide inside.
Our breathes merging one another, while your eyes are staring me, how only you can do. 
Your hand touch my face and your soft skin thrilling me.
We remain without do nothing. Me with my hands on your chest, you that are look at me and around us just our slow breathes. 
Slowly i bite my lips and your hand, your fingers touching them. 
For a second i close the eyes and i hold back the breathe. 
Our minds get connceting always more. We can feel our eletric shocks increasing. 
I know you want to say me something and you will do. My head is exploding and my vise in stomach is chocking me, but i love all this. It make feel alive and this our magic connection. 
Magic, yes. Everything that is happen with you, has something of magic and i’m not the only who can feel it. You can feel it too and our Parallel World is made of this. Our magic that we are able to feel when we are connect.


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