“Along the sidewalk” – [38]

You had thought about everything has happened that evening and your desire to comeback in the bar at that moment was stronger than ever, but you had know it would be a useless thing.
That touch was filling your soul of something that you wouldn’t even imagine but you went straight in your road till to reach that rusty gate, where beyond, there was your apartment.
You stopped and you spinned toward the long sidewalk where your glance stopped and you have stared the angle where you should have turned to back to the local. You have stared it for a long minute, but after you have took the key and you have started to fight against the rusty gate and the end you entered.
When you have opened the grey door of the apartment and you entered in, you have leaned the keys in the bowl, you have started to stare all the boxes still on the floor.
You was tired but you had to make something with those boxes. They were, almost the latest, boxes to set in somewhere, but something inside you it has made you go next to the desk of your grandpa where there was the box with the written “GRANDPA&GRANDMA” and you have opened it and that one, that you was looking for it was just a blocnote of your grandma and when you have found it, you went to sit on the sofa and gently you have started to leaf it and your heart has started to beat again hard when slowly the voice of your grandma was back in your head with that phrase: “When you’ll find her, you will recognize her. She will have the magic inside…” and that her words it has brought you to me.
You was on the couch with that blocnote on your knees and more that phrase buzzing in your head, more you was throwing away the air from the lungs.
While you was thinking to open some boxes still closed, your eyes were closing and you fell asleep with the blocnote of your grandma on your chest and in your mind, you have relived all the moments since we had shared our very first glance till arrive to the involuntary touch of few hours ago, while those words resounding in your head:”..she will have the magic inside…. you will recognize her….”.


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