“You have left” – [37]

The local still looking at inside trying to look at me again, but you wasn’t able to.
Me, inside, i felt lost and i was feeling as if someboby punched my stomach and that sensation it was about to come out. 
My head was spinning and i could feel something as if it was pulling me out a cane of iron. My head was in confusion and everything sensations i had felt till now, were burning. 
Philip, from the counter, was looking at me. He knew in part, what i was feeling, but he didn’t know, as soon i would recovered, i would have left the local in a hurry, without left, not even, the money on the table and i would left the bar from the door next my table.
I was dazed and i wanted immediately go in little room. There was a important thing that i had to do. 
There were few things i believed blindly and one of these it were collect in a little leather bag. 
Still confused i got up and slowly and closed the second door of the local, behind me. 
Those shadows of those aisles seemed chase me. 
I was breatheless and that run, as far i could ran, it seemed has no end, till i arrived to the elevator. When the doors closed, i closed the eyes even i too and i throwed away all the air i had in my lungs, holding back the breathe till the elevator reached my floor. I inhaled tthe new oxygen and  enough fast, i arrived in front of my door. I’ve inserted the key in the keyhole and i have opened. Closed it, i throwed everything on the floor and i went to the desk and from that little round cabinet i took the only little object that was on it. The leather bag. 
I knew their meaning. They were been always dearest friends of mine from long time, but those were given me from a homeless that i met in the street. 
Since i’ve loss my first Runes, i kept them as if they were a gift from the universe, as the most precious thing i had, besides my diary. 
That evening, after what has happened i was feeling something rising up inside and there was that chock sensation that hammering my stomach and my head didn’t wanted to stop to spin.
I putted the round cabinet in front of me. I closed the eyes, i throwed away the air from the lungs, i looked to get calm me and in someway i’ve made it. 
In my head there were many questions that i have wanted would formulate. I choosed one and i shaked the little leather bag and i pulled out three Runes. 
What they has said me, has left me still more speechless and that chock sensation instead to get slow, it was increasing. 
I had to open the window for breathe again.
The Runes that came out were Raido, Gebo and Algiz.”


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