Here it is

Coming our little eletric shocks. I’m looking at you that slowly from behind are embracing my belly,  and delicatly i spin and our glances meet one in another. I looking at you and i throw away the air and slowly you let my hand slide in your shirt. That rustle…
Our breathes are at unison, our gaze one in another. I feel your hand sliding under my shirt. Let me flight with the imagination and the sensations you make feel in these istants. Just you and me. From far our connection is get bigger and bigger and the only tangible fact that we feel close one another is that we have problem to swallow. Something is chocking our throats and we feel our emotions growing faster inside of us.
It’s inevitable that it is so: each little moves we does it’s felt from the other, also if we are far one from another and we know what are talking about, right? Also if that make me feel stunned each time is happened.
Our eletric shocks are powerful also if are tiny. 
I throw away the air from the lungs and it’s the only way to get calm the storm i’m having since our connection is begin slow, by now, three years ago. 
Maybe it was so that it had to happen.
Slowly i caressing your bare chest, while your white shirt is enveloping me with its softly rustle.


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