“Our glances” – [35]

Seemed more intense and we could feel something more profound in our souls now that secrets, above all mine, were revelead and seemed that our souls approached more one another. 
Barb was preparing my iced glass of beer and you was looking at her, staring that glass with an intensity never seen. Barb noticed it, and when was taking my glass, she was asking you if you had wanted say me something trough her. In a thin of thread, almost chocked in the throat, you have just said “Say just her my name”. She nodded and she came to me. You have holded back the breathe till you have seen the mouth of Barb pronouncing your name and suddenly you have break away the gaze and you have started to stare the wall in front of you, without see anything. Your heart seemed explode and everything around you seemed become muffled and out of focus. Even Barb, when she came back behind the counter seemed a silhouette not well defined, also her voice seemed an echo that came from the afterlife. 
But more, you was concentrated on her, more her voice has became distinct. You seemed came out from a undefined place in your head and you have say: “Excuse me, what have you say?”. Barb has left you still another seconds for rise you again from the state in which you was fallen, then she said: “She said: “Luke… «my iced glass beer guy»… i love his name…” and she has sighed much”… Guys you are made one for another…. ” and left you for serve others clients at the counter. 
She has left you there. You would wanted run to me, but something inside was stopped you and you have continued to stare your glass of beer and inside of it, you could see your smile that it was deforming in the most horrible smile you have ever seen. But inside of you, it was exploding, perhaps the most great beautiful joy that you ever felt in your whole life. 
Slowly you have spinned your eyes toward me and i was looking at you behind the wood curtain and my heart was creating an isolate atmosphere, where there were only us. 
By now you had know, everything or almost, about me, but above all, you had know about my physcal problems and you wasn’t escaped away, on the contrary you was looking at me with those eyes and you was smiling at me sweeter than usual.
I wanted run to you and dive me in your chest and caress for real that your white shirt and stay in your arms in silence and feel your breath that it would lullying me. 
But at the end of that long day of great emotions, the first who got up, that’s been you. 
And sofltly you came in front of the jukebox. I was so embaressed that i looked down but i could see your shoes and i could also feel your perfume enveloping me in a sweet embrace. 
When the music has started to play slowly i have lifted up my face and i saw you was returning in your stool and for whole the music we had shared sweet and shy smile and intese glances in which we had spoken without say us nothing. This was the most delicate approach that we could have.”


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