Our connection

Begin always so. Slowly and suddenly our minds get connect one another.
My vise in stomach is sweetly chocking me but i know it’s your delicate approach behind me and that soft punch inside of me is you that are embrace my belly. 
I close the eyes and i can feel from far your perfume. I feeling my heart is beating hard and i know it’s beating at unison with your. If i close the eyes i can see our flows come and go faster, also despite our real distance.
Your sweet words resouinding in my head and your arms are tightening me hard.
Our breath is merging one in another and while i close the eyes you delicately are spinning me and then you touch my face lifting it up. I open again and i explode inside your glance.
You stare at me and slowly you let me slide my hand into the shirt, i bite my lips looking at you and we can feel our souls merging one in another in a strong way.
Your lips sweetly touching mine. I’m shaking. I can feel our connection making itself stronger than ever. Maybe i’m going crazy, maybe not. I feel you so close to me and i feel your hands tight me and i can feel your emotions trough the words i’m writing. 
Our hearts and our souls are merging strongly, becoming one only. 
Our connection it so powerful trough our feelings.



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