You are

Here and you are staring me. I can feel you, i can feel our connection between our minds growing faster and despite i playing a different music i feel you are coming behind me and you are enveloping in your sweet embrace, i throwing away the air from my lungs. Your arms are embracing my belly. I close my eyes and i touch my belly and i can feel your  hands around me. They are sweet and delicately you are spinning me
I’m looking at you, biting sweetly my lips. You are looking at me with those your eyes and you take my hands. Your gaze leave me breathless and my heart stops to beat.
You just make a move and you indicate your lips and sweetly you are approach yourself to me and our souls are touching. We can feel our hearts beating as crazy and our minds get connect always more faster. 
We are in this spiral and we are spinning till our bodies are touch one another and our lips given one of the most sweet and delicate kiss. I close the eyes and i feel your breathe enter inside of me and it inebriate me. I feel still your arms enveloping me in your sweet and soft  embrace. 
I need of your whispers as of your touch of lips on my skin. I need of your embrace and i need to feel our connection ran in my veins and to know you are feeling the same, there wherever you are now. 
We feel  our connection begin always at this hour, despite it’s a strange hour, but it is so. 
Throwing away the air from the lungs i feeling you here close to me, waiting for that kiss and i try to give it you closing my eyes. 
Our souls can feel it. We are kissing despite our distance. We are kissing sweetly.


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