“When Phillip” – [34]

Went to control if i was ok, the counter has been left in hands of Barb, who seems hadn’t any problem to manage it all alone, on the contrary she was faster and the clients were happier. 

When she has passed in front of you, you have looked a her several times without speaking. 
She has noticed you one, two three times, and at the fourth she stopped and she looking at you and she said: “Tell me what you want to know about her…” and you have looked at her as if you was opening the Pandora jar. 

You have throw away the air from the lungs, as if she couldn’t notice. She did, but she didn’t say anything for break this moment of real embarassement. You was also looking the table still empty and in a whisper you have started: “Her name is Daria, right? Wonderful name.” – you was still looking for to formulate that uncomfortable question – “Mine is Luke…”. Barb was looking at you as in awaiting, but she has looked you, as if she wanted to say you: “I’ll come back… i have to serve that client” you had understood her and you left her go.

Drinking your iced glass of beer you have stared the wall in front of you with all the bottles in a row and slowly in your mind, you have relived the moment when i got up and i went in the bathroom. 
Your mind suddenly, have filled of your tenderness and something it was growing more inside you.
Till that moment you hadn’t knew that i had some physcal problems and what you had felt in our dream it wasn’t fading, on the contrary it was increasing. 
When Barb has found more time to stay with you for talk, she took a glass of water from the sink behind the counter and she started to say: “She’s a very gentle girl and she’s very solitary, she taking always with her that diary and she never separate herself. Phillip in her, has found again the daughter he has lost few years ago in a car incident and now he  very protective toward her”
You was listening to Barb very carefully when i returned with Phillips who was taking my hand for support me better. You have looked this slow walk and then you have looked at Barb and you was about to formulate that question, but Barb has understood immediately it from you gaze and in a whisper: “From what i know, she was born with some physical problems: she had to face to many surgical operations, and maybe for this reason from the first day she came here, she has decided to sit at the most hid place of the local, but she has been able to catch your attention… and i believe you done the same with her…” Barb has looked at you smiling, while slowly, you was spinning your glance toward me and our glance met again and we smiled us, while Phillips has screamed to Barb: “An iced glass of beer for Daria!”


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