This sensation

It’s chocking me even if i would have know. 
More i looking at you, more i feel lost in your eyes, in your soul and i can feel from far your perfume and it’s arriving to me and slowly it is wrapping me sweetly. It’s the same story, but this time between us there is a black hole that we are staring. 
Inside there is everything we have passed by together and now we are looking at us. We are just divided by this black hole. You are in front of me and our eyes are dive in our souls. We can feel our hands are touching softly. 
I’m short of oxygen and i looking at you as if you can give me it and i know you can. My head is spinning and that’s our real connection. 
My soul is open to receive your warmth arounded by our magical stones. 
I close the eyes and sweetly i feel your sweet embrace. Delicately you lift up my t-shirt and you start to caress my bare belly as it was the most precious thing you have between your fingers. 
I whisper your name and sweetly you turn me round. I place my hands on your chest, almost inside of your shirt and we looking at us in silence. 
Without realise we are jump in that black hole, where our souls will become one only, also if we are in two different places. 
I can feel your perfume enveloping me from inside and it growing in me. 
I only can see you and whisper your name and you approach yourself to me and sweetly you kiss me my lips. 
We are travelling in that black hole where at the end we can see Our Parallel World.



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