“That glance” – [33]

It seemed has no end and everything around us seemed got slowly, also the screaming voices of the barman and of the clients seemed merged one in another, creating an only sound that slowly was fading with all the people inside, creating a soft cloud around us. And us, who were still looking at eachother without say nothing, just sweetly breathing.
I was looking at you, biting my lips and you in front of the counter with your eyes straight inside of mine. For a moment i stared your white shirt, half unfastened and your unconscious move to touch it, made me blush to the point to looking away my glance from you for a short moment. You was still looking at me when i have lifted up again the eyes toward you and with your gaze, you have wanted the certainty of what you had in your mind and with a tiny gesture that anybody else wouldn’t have noticed or understand, you have made slide your fingers into the shirt, as if you wanted scratch yourself, and when you have slide your fingers inside the shirt, i holded back the breathe and, despite all the soft noise around us, i could hear the rustle of the shirt. 
My heart stopped for the longest second of my life and you have had that certainty that you was looking for: we were met in that sweet dream.
I had to take again the breathe and for a minute i had to leave the place where i was. I had to go in the bathroom. I stared you once again and faster than i could i ran straight toward the door at my left side of my table, just as soon beyond the jukebox and another door that close another room that it was working as a storage room. 
I entered in and i’ve locked the door. I have throwed away all the air than i could from the lungs and i went in front of the mirror above the sink. I have opened the water and i washed my face and i stared me again inside the mirror and i sighed: “Isn’t possible…” I remained there still few minutes.
From outside i have could hear Phillip ask Barb if she had seen me. He was so protective toward me. Barb replied him, the last time she had seen “Daria” was sat at her table.
Phillips was looking for me inside the local and for a second he has looked at you a little worry. You has clearified your voice and almost in a whisper: “If you are looking for the girl who usually sit at that table, i seen her going in the bathroom… is her name Daria?” 
Phillip nodded and with glance more calm, he thanked you and you have shyly smiled him you back. The owner has left the counter with a greasy rag in his hand and he went to check if i was ok. 
When i heard knoking the door and i hear it was Phillip, i immediately replied him: “I’m coming…” Throwing away the air from the lungs i opened the door and the first thing i’ve seen they were the Philip eyes set on me. “Everything’s ok darling?”, shyly i’ve smiling him.
“It’s happened something incredible…” I didn’t finished to say what i wanted say and Phillip urged me: “You know that guy…?  He has discovered what is your name… i’m sorry” i looked at him with all the sweetness i could gave him: sighing and caressing his unshaved face and i said him: “Don’t worry, because it as soon happened  the most increbile thing in our life. At the end he would have find out what was my name…” And then, Phillip accompanied me at my table and i looked the counter. You was still there and you was staring in front of you, as if you was awaiting for… me. 
Phillip has left me asking me if i wanted something. I thought about it a bit and then i sighing it to him. 
Then when he was leaving me he screamed “An iced glass of beer for Daria, Barb!” and as if you was awaken from another dream, you have turned your face and you have smiled me.
Our glances were met again. You have sighed and you have started to looking at me from that stool.”


⇐ “What you” – [32]

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