It seems

You saying me: “Are you surprise?”. 
My heart is in the brain and it’s fighting against a thing more bigger than him and my emotions are wrapping me  chocking from inside. Our connection is arrived at this point so quickly, in few months. I need to take breathe again. I feeling you here close to me, kneeling in front of me, taking my hands.
You are looking at me and you are whisper me only words that my soul can decipher. My heart is beating like crazy and it can’t stop to make me feel overwhelm.
From this morning that i have read those few lines, i remained breathless and now i feel our connection is stronger than ever and it is strenghtening always more. 
When everything has begun, that thin thread little by little has became a strong and always bigger bond that it seems wants us always more unite even despite all, despite our distance.
Here i can feel your closeness more strong. I can feel your presence in this room, and i know where you are sit. You are looking at me, but if i turn round my face you will vanish right after. 
I throwing away all the air i have in my lungs and i should to hold back my emotions till tonight, but you know, they are ready to explode in at anytime. 
I’m biting my lips looking at you.
I can hear you whisper me: “Our Parallel World is here” and softly you are enveloping me in your sweet embrace. 
I close the eyes, while a tiny tear fallen from my face and i hold your arms around my belly.


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