“What you” – [32]

Are feeling that morning, it was a strange sensation. You was feeling lost in something you couldn’t define. It was like something  was piercing from inside and it could explode out in  at any time.
You went downstairs, but you wasn’t sure on what to do to goes on. You was in confusion. You sat on the sofa while you stared the phone that it rang. You had took it and  you have replied. It was Josh who was asking you what you would have do today if you had have need of him and the other guys. 
You have replied him, as if you was in another place. “No thank, today i think i rest myself, i don’t feel ok…” and you have hung the phone.
The only feeling that you was feeling it was something growing inside of you and it was chocking you and the only face that was spinning in your head was mine.
Your only desire was go back in that bar and looking for share some smiles and try to approach that girl that you had dreamt in that sweet way. 
On that sofa, for a second you have closed the eyes and you have tried to rembember the sensation of my lips on your. You have inhaled and throwed away the air and right after you have opened again the eyes. 
Everything seemed surreal and in that moment it was so.
You got up, you have took the keys and you have putted the leather jacket and you has left the appartment. You has started to walk along that sidewalk, with many thoughts and one sensation that was growing inside. You was looking at ahead along the street that it have would bring you straight to the local, but in your mind there were some little flashbacks of the dream you had done. My arms that wrapped you and from far some of my sighs and the memory of my soft skin among your fingers and more those images was invading your head, more that tangle in your stomach rose up.
You stopped just turned round the corner and you have thought that you have would better to spin and go back in your appartment, but you could see the local and the voice of the owner was resounding in the street. So you have decided to continue.
Your heart was starting to beat faster than usual. 
Acrossing the last part of the sidewalk, your heart was in the brain. 
You stopped behind the laurel vase and there you have close the eyes and you holded bak the oxygen till you have opened the glass door and you entered. 
Making everyting to do not be noticed, you have sat in the usual stool. Behind the counter there was Barb who was serving another client, but just as soon she has seen you, she has launched a look at my table. I was already blushing much. I noticed you immediately and that soft sensation of your hands on my body has pervaded me. My heart was pulsing and our souls were touching in a envoloping embrace. 
Suddenly our eye met and right after we had understood that something was happened between us. None of us knew what the other had dreamt, but it knews that it was something of much intimate. Our glance were sweeter and full of love.
I throwed my back on the backrest of the bench and this time i didn’t take off my gaze from you and slowly i slided my hand on my belly and you was looking at me stunned.
In that little gesture, we had understood, that we had done the same sweet dream.
That day we remained in silence to looking at one in another. We had knew what we had felt and now we wanted just looking at us in the eyes.”


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