What i’m

Feeling is that tangle that is rising in the stomach and i can see your gaze that is staring me also you surprised about you are starting to feel. Our connection begins always more suddenly and we are feeling lost. Lost in in a empty place that slowly around us and we recognise as Our Parallel World.
For a moment i could feel your perfume around me. It has wrapped me and i have closed the eyes and now i can feel you are approaching  behind me wrapping me with you embrace. You’re sweet touching my belly:  i close the eyes and i can feel your whispers that entering in my soul and i feel your hands are tightening my belly. Your chest against my back.  I biting softly my lips and delicately you turn me round. 
Our eyes meet and we are holding back the breathe. 
We can feel our closeness also we are to the opposite side of the world. 
You’re about to say something i feeling it. You know i’m here, im waiting, i have no hurry.
I stare you and you are  doing the same. Our hearts are going crazy.  We have, still, to get used to it, now you that has reached my level. Our minds are get connect in a strong way more than ever.
Now the only way to get calm our hearts, it to throw away the air from the lungs and feeling our closeness is more strong than earlier.
My soul is shaking and also your, i can perceive it. 
We must close the eyes and we must take our hands one in another or perhaps, like now, remain embrace tight and listen to our hearts are beating at unison and listen to our breaths and  look at us one in another, caressing our faces, trying to hold back these big emotions that are wrapping us tight.


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