“I awakened” -[31]

From that dream as if i was overwhelm, me in that little room, having in my head, that your white shirt that delicately, was making feel lost and i was still feel your hands that were touching my belly and your gaze stare into mine. I was staring the roof while i was biting sofltly  the lips and i have close the eyes touching the bed sheets, rembembering the softness of your white shirt, breathing slowly. My body still shaking for the orgasm that i have had and slowly that tangle in the stomach became a thing always more present, also when we weren’t in the same place.
Slowly, i have opened again the eyes and the only thing that it was making me rembember about you was the perfume your leather jaket that i could still feel. For a moment i closed once again the eyes and i whispered: “I don’t want awake me up from that dream”, as if these words could reaching you wherever you was. Throwing away the air from the lungs i got up and i went to open the window and a light breeze entered in the room. I’ve inhaled the air, but the only perfume i could feel, it was your. I shaked the head and i went in bathroom. I putted myself in front the mirror and for a long second i stared me, looking for to shake me from that sensation, but more i looked for to shake me, more that sensation was growing inside and it was finding a little place inside of me for remain. Into the shower, i was thinking to orgasm: one of the most intense i had ever felt. And i had felt it with you. I sighed. 
You and your lips that kissing me, they was hammering my head. I could still feel them on my body. I got out from the shower and i sat on the board of the bed, with that perfume in my nose. I asked me: “How could i look at you today after what i’ve dreamt?” I throwed away all the air from the lungs and without a crumb of oxygen, i got up and i went in the bathroom to take some clothes that i’ve left there and i returned in the room for dress me.
I was ready for come out. With my bag i closed the door and i went to the elevator. 
I closed the eyes and i inhaled a bit oxygen. 
In the air there was still your perfume. By now, i thought that it was became part of my being.”


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