“When you” – [30]

Returned at you appartment, that night, you was tired and you went immediately away in the bed. You in your mind had still my face and you heart was exploding and you wasn’t understand what it was happening. 
You have took the leather jaket and you have throwed it on the red chair in front of the bed. 
You hadn’t the force to take off the jeans neither that white shirt you had.
You still relived that moment you had shared that long and sweet smile with that unnamed girl.
You could feel your soul was shaking, while your eyes were about to close. 
A latest thought to that girl and you fallen asleep.
But right after, you have opened again the eyes and i was next to you, in your bed. You has caressed me softly my skin and that flap of the shirt has touched my shoulder, and our eyes were meeting again. You was surprised to see me and you wasn’t able to speak, just to stare me. 
Finally you was able to touch my skin, while i was looking at you. Your hands shyly has touching me and i have close the eyes making slide that shirt over the shoulders. You was stunned how much soft my skin was. You was touching my belly and you was caressing my face. You have take my hands and our fingers were crossing tigtht. You had fear that i could escape, while i was staring at you, biting delicately my lips.
You came sweetly above me. Our eyes didn’t take off one another, till you approached yourself always more and delicatley our bodies has touching. Chest against breasts and our breathes that slowly, got faster and faster and that white shirt, like a soft cloud, was wrapping us. It was seemed it was making us take the flight.
Delicately, with your hands, you arrived to my legs and sweetly you have opened them, for enter inside of me. You have looked at me for a second, i was looking at you, biting my lips, waiting this magical moment and when you have penetrated me, i closed the eyes, tightening the flaps of your shirt.
When i moaned, you have pushed yourself more and you have continued delicately, but always more faster. You have kissed me my lips, as if in that kisses it depends your life and your fingers crossed with mine, as if our lives were linked by this. 
You have continued to push, while that open white shirt was dancing around us. And when our eyes met again, we had understand that we were reaching something that we had never felt before.
Our bodies merged one another in something bigger we couldn’t even imagine.
When we have reached that peak, at the same moment, in differents place, something it said us that our souls were touched for real.
Slowly you have opened the eyes and that soft and warm sensation still was wrapping you.
You turned the face to the empty side of the bed, hoping to see me lay close to you.
But all this was only a wonderful dream. A dream of two souls that loved eachother profoundly.”


⇐ “That night” – [29]

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