My head is

Literally exploding. If what has happened it’s what i think, ok: it’s not another coincidence and what i’m feeling inside it’s our connection that it’s chocking me. I’m short of breathe and i need of you as the oxygen more than ever. And now i know our connection is that sense of tangle that is chocking me from inside and that sense of loss that’s you that are coming close to me and i can feel your sweet embrace me. Just in these moment my heart is beating like a crazy and mind is get connect wit your and that thin thread is becoming always more big and it is wrapping us despite our real distance.
I feel you closeness here around me and my head would like explode. I would like to let you see what is happening inside of me: but perhaps you know, cause i’m sure you feeling the same. 
My fingers are shaking on this keyboard: for now, the only way of communication we have.
I throw away the air from the lungs, i try to get calm me, but now that tangle i have in the stomach and my head that is spinning, are taking me to you and i would like to stay in your arms, listening to your heart that beats with mine, at unison. 
I can feel your perfume and this making me close the eyes and i can feel your arms that wrapping me sweetly.
Our connection is stronger than ever and we can feel it despite our distance.


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