“That night” – [29]

I was watching you leave the local and suddenly the void sorrounded me and that vise in my stomach has grow up. I closed the eyes, while the music was wrapping me sweetly. I’ve launched a rapid gaze to Phillip who was looking at me: he wanted assured himself i was ok. I smiling him, then i’ve throw my back on the backrest of the bench and i started to think to leave the local as soon as the music was finish.
The perfume of your leather jacket was still in the air and it was wrapping me even inside. I’ve inhaled the latest smell of your presence and unconsciously i was biting my lips.
The bar was full of clients, but the music that you had put, it was able to isolated me and i was still in that atmosphere that you had created just for me.
When the music was over, i was been pushed in the total mess of the bar.
I didn’t want remain there more than the necessary. I’ve decide to use the keys that Phillip had gave me.
I left the money on the table and in a hurry i left the local from the service door, without not even say:”Hi” to Phillip or Barb.
I had to leave the local, with my emotions and sensations that were still circulating in my veins. I if don’t was escaped away from the local, i would be exploded.
I’ve crossed the aisles and i reached to the elevator. Inside, i closed the eyes and i inhaled the air and your perfume was still there.
When i opened the door of my little room i’ve throw everything on the floor. My head was spinning and that tangle was pervading me, but this time it wasn’t chocking me, it was slowly wrapping me, as in a sweet embrace. I sat on the little chair in front of the desk and i turned on the light.
Your perfume was still in the air. I closed the eyes and sweetly I lifted the t-shirt and i’ve made slide my hand inside and it has started to touch delicately my bare belly. I wanted imagine that it was your hand while i was biting my lips. But right after, i got up i turned off the light, took me off the pants, leaving me on just the t-shirt.
I’ve closed the eyes still wrapped by your perfume and your smile was pervading the soul.
I fallen asleep wrapped by my all senses that were calling you.
I have close the eyes and just after few minutes i felt your soft touch on my bare belly and your chest was softly touching my right shoulder. My heart has started to beat hard and i started to sigh and bit my lips.
You was about to embrace me, but slowly i turned and our glance meeting.
Shyly we smiled. You was staring to me, while i looked at your open white shirt, for a few instants, showing your bare chest. Our breathes were becoming fast.
Delicately, i left slide my hands in the white shirt, making slide it over your shoulders and the flaps of the shirt, touching my body, they has excited me still more and you was looking at me and i was biting my lips. I was just waiting for you kissed me. You looked at me still one second then you approached yourself to me and sweetly you have lean your lips on mine.
Inside of our bodies has exploded a big warmth that was growing more when we kissed.
Our kisses were so passionate and your perfume inebriating me.
I could feel your breathe got faster and faster, while i’ve took the flap of your shirt and i’ve tight it while we were reaching the orgasm. One of the most intense and wonderful.
While slowly the contractions were fade inside in my body, i have opened the eyes and you was already disappeared, but not from my mind.
Immediately after i closed again the eyes and i’ve tried to feel the same sensations I had feel in that wonderful and sensual dream I’ve done and the only tangible sensations has been of the flap of your shirt in my hands. When i opened they eyes again, i was tightening one flap of the bed sheet.”


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