Few hours earlier, i asked you: “Tell me something”* and just few hours after, you have replied me. I’m not going crazy, but if i’m think what happened in that short time frame, i can’t hold back the emotions and that tangle in my stomach is sucking me from inside and my head is exploding. Just another coincidence?? I shaking my head. And now that our minds are get connect, all my being would like run to you and  for to be embraced in a sweet enveloping hug. And i would to hear your deep voice say me: “It’s ok, it’s so that it goes”. 
More i think to what has happened, more i can feel your closeness and i stare your eyes and inside of me i can feel something of marvellous is happening and you can feel it too.
Without realizing, we are learning to speak trought our minds
Just another coincidence? I don’t think so.
I need your sweet embrace more than ever. Embrace me tight.


*Our tangle

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