If i think

About what has happened last night, my head literally explode and now that tangle i have in the stomach is growing always more. I need to throw away the oxygen to empty everything I had stored in these last hours, but the only thing I can do is to think about you and I’m not able to take off me your face from my mind.
I feel you are embrace my belly, from behind and I can feel your whispers. They entering inside me as a swollen river and they shaking me. This is our connection and it’s making itself more bigger each day is passing by.
I’m looking at you, through the soul’s eyes and I can see you’re watching me, as you never looked at noboby’ else.
Our feelings are wrapping us, one with another, always more and that vise in our stomach is chocking me in a strong way.
I can’t hold back my emotions and you know it. The hand of my soul is stretching toward your and that tangle we are feeling inside of us are their touch.
We are not going crazy, I’m sure. That’s is our new condition.
Our connection is growing always more and it has becoming more strong.


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