“When the phone” – [27]

Rang you was still sleeping and when you went down to reply to the call, you had a voice that it seemed come from a cavern. On the phone it was Josh with the other friends and he wanted know if you had need help with the boxes. 
You, still confused, have took a look to the boxes still scattered on the floor and you was about to say: “No”, but while you was about to say it, you have changed your mind and you have said him: “Yes, thanx guys… when we finish we can go to the bar and i offer, this time…. here there is a really mess. I don’t know where start.”  Josh to the other side of the phone said: “Get prepare yourself and in 20 minutes we arrives” So he closed the phone call. 
You was still awakening yourself when you has take a look again to those bulky boxes, but just few of them, were very importants and those were been settled close to desk of your grandpa.
You went again upstairs and you have putted on a t-shirt and the jeans. 
You sat on the board of the bed a for a second you have think how you had feeling the previous night and when my smile has knocked  to the door of your mind, you have smile.
Still smiling you went down and you went in the kitchen and you had a short breakfast.
You went to the sofa with your cup and you have stared the phone with next the business card of the local. That crazy idea to call the bar and ask information about me has jumped on your head, just only few instants earlier that the croaking intercom, rang. And fortunately it has rang! You was wrapped by this thought and you went to open to your friends, without asking who was. In this, your friends, but above all, Josh was always punctual and he was who leading the group.
You had open the door still wrapped by this crazyness, but immediately after you has remove it from your head. But Josh when enter has noticed that and  he said aloud: “Hey dude, you seem a zombie…!” You have replied him: “When you have called me, i was still sleeping… i hate that phone… i think i will remove it when everything this mess will be ended.”
Josh looked at you surprised, but he didn’t say anything and he has asked from where he could start… You have only indicated a big box in the middle of the appartement and Josh with the others friends, has started to unboxing the stuff inside. And you have helped them, but with your thoughts, you was in another place.
You was thinking that when, everything this was over, you would have close the door to your shoulders and you would have taken the street to come in the bar and there… you have would meet my glance.”


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