Our tangle

In our stomach, it’s just began and i feel your closeness. I’m feel your approach and i close the eyes and in the exact moment i close them, i feel your arms wrapping me from behind and i feel your sweet words shaking me from inside. 
I just must throw away the air from the lungs for don’t crazy. 
Our connection is growing. Our hearts are beating at unison and i know, you can feel it, as i’m doing in these instants. 
I’m in a twirl of great emotions and i can see you in the middle of them. 
You are just looking at me without say nothing. This make me feel at your mercy.
I can feel your heart go crazy. Say me something. 
You are approach yourself to me and sweetly our faces are touching. 
Despite the distance, we can dive our glances one in another. 
I’m inside of your eyes and i can’t hold back my emotions. I can feel your soft hands touching my face and delicately you are approach your lips to mine and you are starting to kiss me. 
I going crazy. I feel your lips. My heart is literally exploding.
Tell me that you are feeling the same. 
Our souls are touching making explode our hearts.


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