“I wanted” – [26]

Throw myself in that hole for don’t re-emerge no more. I was staring it dazed. 
The words of Phillip were buzzing in my head and more i was thinking about them, more i didn’t wanted back in that little room. 
In front of the eyes of my soul, there were your blue eyes and i wasn’t able to take off them from my mind and i was more chocking from your sweet smile. 
The only place i wanted to hide myself was in that hole of my table. 
I wanted disappeared from there as soon as possible.
My stomach was tangling itself and it was eating me from inside and the smell from the kitchen it was making me disgusted. I was still much confusing. I’ve decided to return in my room.
Phillp, from the counter was looking at me and without say nothing, he have left me understand that for that night it wasn’t necessary that i  paid the dinner. He nodded and i left the local. 
I wanted take air and so i left  from the main entrance. 
I stopped for a second, launching a glance toward the side of the sidewalk that you has taken. I didn’t know what i was hoping to see, but i hoped to see, at least, something, but i seen just the solitary sidewalk illuminated by those lamps with those yellowish lights. 
I throwed away the air from the lungs and i walked till the reach the green door of the building next to the bar. I stopped once again. I have took a look again to the empty sidewalk and in a hurry i was enter. 
During the short travel in elevator, for reaching the second floor, i closed the eyes, while i was feeling my heart, slowly was calming itself.
When i acrossed the aisle, what i was thinking, it was hammering my head and when i arrived in front of my door and i was about to open it, i’ve holded back the breathe and i entered. 
It was like i was entered in the hell, where my solitary life wanted swallowing me inside, when i’ve had just found an escape way in your eyes. 
I went, immediately, to open the little window for make enter that light breeze that could feel me less caged. 
I lifted up my face and the moon was high in the sky. Her pale light was covered by some clouds, but the only fact that it was in the sky and it was fighting against those clouds, it made me feel a little better. She was a fighter. I would have fight even i, to escape from the hell of emotions in which i was involved and the last thing i had seen before i fallen asleep, they has been your blue eyes.”


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