“When you” – [25]

Has left that sidewalk and when you have turned the corner to proceed still for a bit to reached to your appartment, you stopped and you spinned yourself and you have took a last look toward the local and your glance was toward the lamp next the entrance of the bar. 
During the walk, along that sidewalk, you was feeling something. You hadn’t wanted turn yourself, but you was more sure that someone was watching you and you was sure that someone was me.
You didn’t want to turn around round for fear to don’t see anybody. 
But when you have turned the corner, you stopped and you leaned your back on the wall, and you have throwed away the air from the lungs. Your breathe was short, as if you had run, but what which were running, they were only your thoughts and your hearts was chasing them.
Your head was about to explode if you don’t had reached as soon as possible your appartment. 
It was there, only few steps. 
It was enough that you had following the wall till a rusty grid and you arrived to the bordeline of the building in which there was your appartment.
When you was been able to open the rusty gate, you was exhausted and, as if you had hurry, you took the keys for open the grey door. Closed it, you have launched the keys in the bowl, but they fallen on the floor. You have looked at them and you have left them there.
You wanted only sit on the sofa and let you go. You have closed the eyes.
You wanted to try rembember what you has feeling when that little tear fallen from my face. You wanted to know if i was ok.
You was aking yourself if you had made the right move: to leave the local without talk to me.
But then, reflecting, you knew i was ok. They were the same feeling that were chocking you in that instant.
You was staring something in front of you, but in reality you wasn’t staring nothing. You only was feeling something inside that it was making you feel  good… You hadn’t feel that sensation from long time and that sensation it made you beat your heart fast and you was wrapped by a heat that was expanding more when, also for a second in your thoughts was appearing my face.”


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