I feel your closeness in this way i seem to be swallow in a twirl from which i can’t come out and i feel you are approach to me so sweetly and my feelings are about to explode. 
I close the eyes and slowly i can feel your breathe behind me and delicately you are wrapping witth your embrace my belly and sweetly you turn me round and our breathe are mixing one in another, becoming only one. 
My vise in the stomach is growing fast. 
I can feel your sweet words in a whisper. 
Our connection is growing slow fast. 
In these hours Our Parallel World is being born again, as each day when our minds get connect. 
Our souls are delicately touching.
We are two souls with an only heart beat. 
That warm that we are feeling inside are our voices of our souls speaking.
I’m throwing away the air from the lungs.
I need of you, as the oxygen. 
Your arms are embracing me and i feel it. 
I feel, you’re shaking inside. You make shaking me. 
Here, i feel your closeness trought your embrace. 
I close the eyes. 
You are whispering me sweet words. 
I going crazy.
My head is spinning.


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